Rongpur Infrastructure

Rongpur Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (RIPL) is a forward thinking, energetic and dynamic construction company with a motto of a nation with engineering excellence. The Company is primarily focused on infrastructure projects that keep our Northeast region moving. Rongpur Infrastructure is one of the fastest growing infrastructure company of the Northeast region with a vision to make significant contribution to socio economic ecosystem and bring a difference in our society.


To engage in civil contract business of Govt. , Semi Govt., Private organization etc. for laying out. Developing, Constructing, Building, Erecting, Demolishing, Re-erecting, Altering, Repairing. Re-modeling or do any other work in connection with any building or building •eherne, Roads, Highways, Docks, Ships, Towers, Sewers, Bridge, Canals, Wells, Springs, Serais, Dams, Power plants. Bourse, Wharves, Ports, Reservoirs, Embankments, Tramway, Railways, Irrigations, Reclamations, Improvements, Sanitary, Water, Gas, Electric lights, Telephonic, Telegraphic and Power supply works or any other structural, or architectural work of any kind whatsoever and for such purpose to prepare estimates, Designs, Plants specification or models and do such other or and act that may be requisite therefore.

To lay out. Build, Construct, Develop, Erect, Demolish, Re-Erect, Alter, Repair, Re-Model or do any other work in connection with any building, building scheme, apartments, sale of plot of land or development of township etc.

To purchase or otherwise acquire any land , building or premises and to turn into account, improve, develop, alter, demolish or let out for the purpose of carrying on the business of hotel, restaurant, coffee tavern, bar, lodging, housekeeping, catering, entertainment, club, resort, indoor outdoor games, park, agency of railway ,air & shipping co. etc.

  • Our Vision Mark our presence as a leading infrastructure and perform with a high level of integrity and harness credibility.
    Contribute to the economic prosperity and growth through participation in projects of national importance.
    Raise our own benchmarks with every successive endeavor.
  • Our Mission Execute urban development and infrastructure projects beneficial to the society at large.
    Innovate and provide intelligent infrastructure solutions in a manner which is sustainable.
    Engage in challenging projects, adhere to required standards and see them through completion with high levels of integrity and dedication.
    Achieve transparency in every deal and endeavor to deliver on time, each time.
Our Values

Passion for ideas and innovations . Reliability of processes and practices . Dedication to goals and targets